Monday, February 16, 2009


I think i've found my bookstore here in BA (photo below). The "Libreria Ateneo Gran Splendid" was once the first movie theater in the city. In place of the screen there is now a petite cafe where you can have your espresso and tiny cookies while leafing through the most erudite of argentine literature. Or, as in my case, Time Out: Buenos Aires edition. It's dreamy.
At dinner tonight I asked my host dad if he has ever been there, to which he casually replied that well you see his grandfather owned it, along with all the other movie theaters in the city. Host-great-grandfather was also the pioneer of TVs in Argentina.

So I guess he's been to the bookstore.


  1. It looks like a much grander version of the Housing Works bookstore on Crosby Street.

  2. i'll have to check it out when i get back this summer! and thanks for commenting pete, its nice to have an audience:)
    (same goes to kate/guy/natasha, miss you guys!)

  3. Love the VW bus piece, Bella. You write surrealistically, like your mother paints. Good work! Love, Norris